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Fashion for the Playa


Hey there! It’s August already which means summer 2015 is coming to an end soon. There’s still a lot of awesome events taking place until then though! My plans for this month haven’t been finalized yet but I’ve been planning on making the trip out to Black Rock City in Nevada to participate in the community experiment known as Burning Man. I’m so excited about this one as I’ve been unofficially trying to make it to this event since a friend of mine went in 2007. Now eight years later I’m finally going to get the chance.

I’ve heard so many wonderful things about Burning Man and for my first burn I really want to go all out. I want to participate as much as I can and I’ve been making things non-stop that I can take with me out there. The city of Black Rock is a gifting community and my plan is to make anything that I think someone would like and appreciate out there. I wanted to share with you all what I’ve made so far and this will hopefully be just the first installment of my Fashion for the Playa.

king kunta

I’ve been told the fashion out on the playa varies. It’s all about self-expression, so there is no right or wrong way to style yourself. You want to consider the weather and natural elements when styling any wardrobe for a trip though. I wanted to make something that was unisex, lightweight, comfortable, durable but also flashy! After sorting through all my patterns I came across a New Look pattern #6217 I had picked up downtown for 5$. This sweet jacket/kimono pattern was just what I wanted! I already had this light flower fabric and gorgeous golden leopard print that I knew I just had to use. Both fabrics I picked up for really cheap! I got them at Lady Fabric for 2$ a yard. Plus thread and interfacing, both pieces only cost about 5 bucks each to make. Pretty affordable for some sweet fashion!


I will be wearing mostly bralettes and skirts when I’m out there but I also will be throwing on these kimonos too! I want to wear each one for at least a day then either gift them to someone or leave them at the clothing boutique I’ve been told about that one of the camps offer. It’s a boutique where you can leave anything you want or take anything you want. Pretty cool concept; like take a penny leave a penny, haha!


I plan on making more pieces to gift to people so these two are just the beginning! I also am planning on putting together a hand sewing workshop for other burners out there. As the date gets closer I will share more of my progress and projects. Are you going to Burning Man too?? Let me know what you plan on bringing to the playa! Or if you’re not going, let me know what you would like to see me make to gift to other burners. I’m so excited about this event and I look forward to making more fashion for the playa. ❤