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TMNT Skirt: Sew What’s in Your Wardrobe?


Hello there! I made it a second week in a row! If you have been following this page at all, then you know that when I write “I’ll be updating this page often now”… I don’t, haha! I’m really trying this time though, so thanks for joining me. 🙂

Besides this page, one of my other goals this year is to do a complete wardrobe over hall. If you’re anything like me, you don’t necessarily enjoy shopping for clothes but have your own distinct style and still want a sweet comfortable wardrobe. Making your own clothes can add great value to your overall style because you cut out the hassle of not finding your size or particular fabric/design you want. I don’t enjoy breaking my bank either and sometimes I just can’t justify buying a pair of shorts for X amount of dollars when I can make a custom pair for less than half the price. I’ve been slowly adding to my collection piece by piece but so far I have only made six articles for my wardrobe.

The latest addition was kind of accidental but, I love this piece so much! I went to the garment district downtown with the intention of buying this awesome TMNT fabric for a shirt I wanted to make for my brother’s birthday gift. Well, one thing led to another and the shirt I made for him was too small! It would have been smart of me to ask him his size. DUH! Ha-ha! Well, this is the result of that shirt and the newest addition to my wardrobe. I got that TURTLE POWER!

tmnt skirt 2

I’m a fan of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series and when I find time I still play my NES and SNES TMNT games. I absolutely love the first two TMNT movies and have them on VHS. If you’re wondering; no I was not a fan of the most recent TMNT movie. I really loved the puppetry/mechanical heads in the original live action movies and while I found myself able to sit through the “remake”, I was disappointed with the CGI turtles overall.

ANYWAY, so when I originally saw this fabric, like I mentioned earlier, I wanted it for a shirt  and what I envisioned was something similar to a bowling league shirt. I used a black cotton fabric for the triangles on the side of the shirt and for the bias tape around the edges. Below is a photo of the shirt prior to me turning it into a skirt. The bias tape at the bottom of the shirt and the triangles had not been added yet.

 tt power

I didn’t have enough fabric left to make the shirt bigger and I considered keeping it as a pajama shirt but I ultimately decided to make it into a skirt. Basically all I did was trim the shirt and a 2 inch wide waistband from it. I attached the fabric waistband to the top and then cut and added a 1 inch wide elastic band to the inside of it. The elastic band was cut to the size of where I wanted the skirt to hang on my waist.


I absolutely love the way this skirt turned out. I’m stoked I was able to utilize the shirt and my brother didn’t mind! It was cheap too. I bought one yard of the TMNT fabric for 7$ at Michael Levine’s. The black fabric I bought for 2$ a yard at Lady Fabric.

I’ll continue to build my wardrobe and share with you all my progress. In the meantime you should sew what’s in your wardrobe! Designing your own clothes is really rewarding. When someone compliments a particular piece of clothing and asks me where I got it, I say, “I made it myself!” Ha-ha! Let me know what you create and of any suggestions you might have for my wardrobe. Till next time! 😀