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Patchwork Bear Headgear by MachineLove

furry hat with lining && button snaps

furry hat with lining && button snaps

MachineLove is back with sweet patchwork headgear! Inspired by fluffy gear and spirit hoodies, this piece comes with tassels and button snaps for maximum party usage! Rage hard in this hat and stay comfy. ❤

Hello MachineLovers! I know I’ve been away for so long but I wanted to share with you this awesome little hat I cooked up for a friend. He was heading off to Burning Man and asked me to make some fresh gear for him. After going through some examples of pieces he liked from etsy, I settled on making a hat for him. This was my first attempt at a hat of this kind.

I did patchwork for the initial body. I picked up some scraps of this funky fun furry material from a bargain bin in the garment district downtown for 2-3$ a piece, I chose two similar colors that would look great alternated. For the lining I got a yard of a nice cotton fabric with a complementing flower pattern. This i purchased for a $1.99. Using thread and button snaps I already had I got to work. This was the result!


I’ve seen these hats go for $60+ online but for as little as pretty much 10$, I made my own spirit/furry/bear headgear and you can do it too!!


catch  you later with some weedy creations! ;D ❤ stay lovely!