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Sew What’s in Your Wardrobe? – Duster Cardigan

Duster Cardigan 3in1

Finally a new addition to my wardrobe! It’s been a quick minute since I’ve made any clothing for myself and I thought it was about time. The latest piece to my closet is a duster cardigan in a salt and pepper knit fabric. This cardigan has been on my mind since I saw blogger Mimi G make it and I’m so stoked to have one of my own now!


This duster was made with pattern New Look #6735. The pattern is for a regular cardigan but, I altered it to add length.I decided that I wanted my duster to fall to my ankles so it wouldn’t have a chance to drag. The duster has three buttons down the front, belt loops and a black canvas belt. The knit fabric was 6$ a yard, which I got 2 of, and the black canvas was 8$ a yard which I used only a small piece of. The New Look pattern I got for 4$ downtown at Michael Levine a year ago and it most likely is still just as cheap.

dustercardigan 2

I absolutely love this piece. It’s so stylish and dramatic; a great addition to my fall wardrobe. I urge you to check out Mimi G’s video for a great tutorial on this custom duster cardigan and sew what’s in your wardrobe. I look forward to wearing mine more as the weather gets cooler and in the meantime I’ll just use it as my morning robe! 😀 ❤

catch ya later




WARP CANDY BAGS – That Leopard Babyyy!


Hello there! Happy 2016 to you! It’s already three months into the new year and time is just zooming. I had my sweet somethings in February and some green beer last week, so now I’m ready to share with you what I’ve been working on.

Last time we touched base I was gearing up for a little event called Burning Man. I had such an amazing time out there in Black Rock City and I did indeed end up giving away the two light jackets I made in my last post to two wonderful burners (you know who you are! <3). Since getting back from the desert, which was in September, I’ve felt like I’ve been in a bit of a slump.

Unhappiness with my current job and an unwillingness to fully make up my mind about whether to continue school has kept me in a constant state of angst, exasperation and uncertainty. I continue to tell myself that crafting is what I enjoy the most yet, I find myself dwindling from my sewing machine.

In an attempt to steer myself back to my love for all things crafty, I decided that what I really needed in my life was… sweet handbags! (>*o*)>


Yes! Months ago I found this fabulous handbag pattern at Michael Levine. I took it home and put it with my other patterns only to forget about it. Well, later I decided that I wanted to start designing my own fabric. So I took a wicked drawing of a pirate my brother drew and manipulated it in Adobe Photoshop to make a fabric design. After I was happy with the design, I had this company called Spoonflower print and ship my fabric to me. I loved it so much I knew I had to make my first handbag out of it.


I named the fabric Pirate on the High Seas and as seen above, I chose to go with a salmon color. I knew my friend Danielle would absolute love the fabric too, so I gave her the bag for her birthday. The bag was such a hit that her grandmother requested I make one for her in a leopard print. I obliged and this is the end result of that fly LEOPARD BABYYY! 😀


For these handbags I used pattern #M6532 by McCall’s. Each bag called for two zippers; one for the top opening and a convenient zipper pocket in the front. For the lining, bottom, inside pockets and handles of each bag, I used a black duck canvas I got for $8 a yard. The custom fabric I used on the first bag was printed on Kona cotton for $15 a yard. The leopard cotton fabric was purchased for $10.75 a yard and I used fusible interfacing that cost $2.50 a yard. All fabric, besides the Kona cotton, I bought from Michael Levine in downtown LA.


Now this leopard bag is ready to be gifted! I was really excited about how the bags turned out and I will continue to make these in custom fabrics and assorted colors. If you don’t have the time to make a bag but would like your own Warp Candy Bag <3, check out my online store. Link on my About page. I’ll be listing bags up there as soon as they are complete, so feel free to browse. Thanks for staying with me MachineLovers. Catch you later!




Patchwork Bear Headgear by MachineLove

furry hat with lining && button snaps

furry hat with lining && button snaps

MachineLove is back with sweet patchwork headgear! Inspired by fluffy gear and spirit hoodies, this piece comes with tassels and button snaps for maximum party usage! Rage hard in this hat and stay comfy. ❤

Hello MachineLovers! I know I’ve been away for so long but I wanted to share with you this awesome little hat I cooked up for a friend. He was heading off to Burning Man and asked me to make some fresh gear for him. After going through some examples of pieces he liked from etsy, I settled on making a hat for him. This was my first attempt at a hat of this kind.

I did patchwork for the initial body. I picked up some scraps of this funky fun furry material from a bargain bin in the garment district downtown for 2-3$ a piece, I chose two similar colors that would look great alternated. For the lining I got a yard of a nice cotton fabric with a complementing flower pattern. This i purchased for a $1.99. Using thread and button snaps I already had I got to work. This was the result!


I’ve seen these hats go for $60+ online but for as little as pretty much 10$, I made my own spirit/furry/bear headgear and you can do it too!!


catch  you later with some weedy creations! ;D ❤ stay lovely!


Downtown LA Fashion District: Fabric Shopping!


Welcome to Machine Love! I’m especially excited today because not only will this be my first post but, I also get to share with you some of my favorite places to buy fabric! Being from southern California myself, I had the chance to live in downtown Los Angeles for about two years. While living there I absolutely fell in love with the place; the architect, the history, the culture, the art, the people. The big pay off of living downtown though was the close proximity I was to the fashion district. Just a short skip from my studio and I would be amid the most beautiful colors and fabrics, all at my finger tips. It was like heaven. Now that I live in Hollywood I don’t get down to the district as much as I’d want to but, heaven is still just a train ride away. ; )


Earlier today I made the trip downtown to pick up some fabric for a quilt I’m planning. My brother is having a baby, (his first!) so I thought it would be a wonderful idea to make a quilt for my new baby niece. Like many, I like to make things on a cheap budget and the fashion district has many beautiful inexpensive fabrics. I like to begin my search on 9th and Los Angeles, right by the California Mart. This is because the first store I love checking out is Lady Fabric, located on the corner of 9th and Maple. This is the infamous $1.99 a yard store. Mind you, when I lived downtown it was the infamous $1.00 a yard store but, times change of course. Lady Fabric has a nice selection of satin, cotton, lace, flannel, and polyester… and the price, right in my budget!


The next stop on my fabric hunt is usually Michael Levine Inc., also located on Maple. I really like this store because they have everything you could want for a project in one place. They have a huge selection of McCall and Vogue patterns as well, the biggest I’ve seen downtown. For thread I go to L.A. Alex Inc. however. In between Wall and Maple on 9th, they have cheap thread usually for .50 to a $1.00. A great bargain!


There is so much to explore in the fashion district alone, that one could spend an entire day there and still not see half of what downtown has to offer. So I’m pretty sure by this point you’re anxious to see the wonderful fabric I bought today. Five yards of fabric only cost me $10.90. I purchased  a yard of this gorgeous lemon wedge/ flower print. I loved it so much that I bought two more yards of it, each with a different color scheme. These I will use for the quilt I plan to make for my baby niece. I also couldn’t resist buying this eye popping tropical pattern I found near the front of Lady Fabric. I bought two yards of this and I plan on making a summer dress or tank top… not sure yet. I’ll see where my creativity takes me! 


I plan on making some bedroom curtains in the next few days so stay tuned for a “How To” tutorial on that. This is the start of a glorious sewing adventure, speak to you soon Machine Lovers. ❤