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Bolster Buds: Make Your Own Decorative Pillows


Hello there! We are well into the middle of 2015 and I’m so happy to be posting again! Trips back to Long Beach and school work have been filling up my days but I’m gearing up for a hot summer jam pack full of projects. I officially got my AA degree and have decided to not continue school at the moment. I want to now focus all of my energy on sewing and this page. Since I plan to be constantly making something, my goal is to update this page every week. This blog has always been an opportunity to share my experience and progress with others in hopes to inspire and bond with other crafty folks, but mainly to motivate myself to stay consistent with my work. So far it doesn’t seem like it has been successful, ha-ha! I started this page two years ago and so far have only posted a handful of times but, arts and crafts have been a passion of mine since I was a kid embroidering pillows for my mother’s birthday. It’s just fun and I want to continue to work on projects and meet others on their crafty journey too! So, with all that said MachineLovers, I’d like to share with you a great little tutorial I found by another crafty blogger.

I was recently asked to make a cover for a cylinder pillow. I’ve made plenty of boxed pillows but, never a round one. I decided to check out how others approached the bolster pillow and found some great tips from other artists. I ended up using this tutorial for a corded pillow over at diydesign. Since the pillow I was making the cover for was going to be used daily as a down pillow I decided not to add the cording for a more comfortable feel. This was the result:



I loved how this cover turned out so much that I ended up making another cover with the cording. It was my first attempt at cording, (or piping) but I feel it came out pretty nice none the less.



For the corded bolster I made the pillow form myself using the same technique for the cover just not adding a zipper to it. I stuffed it with some polyester fill.


The brown fabric I bought from Joann’s online for 6$ a yard and the cording ran a $1.25 a yard. For the black cover I used a black and grey knit fabric from Micheal Levine’s for $7 a yard. Polyester fill I already had but also not a pricey buy. All in all a pretty cheap alternative to buying decorative pillows at a home furnishing store.


This Bolster Bud will now be shipped to Virginia as it’s a gift! Head over to diydesign for the sweet tutorial. Oh and also on a side note, when finding the appropriate width for the body of your bolster we do indeed take the diameter of the end of the pillow form plus one and times it by Pi (3.14…). However this diydesign tutorial says that 7 x 3.14 = 19.84 which is incorrect but the author states in the user comments that this was a simple mistake. Just wanted to mention that as I was a bit puzzled for a moment reading this tutorial, ha-ha! Post photos of your Bolster Buds too! I’d love to see them!