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Sweet Somethings : White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookie Recipe


Hello Machine Lovers! Today’s February 14th and as many of you may know, it’s Valentine’s Day here in the states. Now, while I prefer to show my love to those that matter most all year long ::wink:: , I thought I’d do a special post for all those hopeless romantics out there that love celebrating Valentine’s Day. After all, it can be a really fun holiday if you enjoy crafting or in this case, baking! Lately, I’ve been obsessed with making white chocolate macadamia nut cookies (as they are my favorite) and have been cooking batches non-stop. Usually when making something I’ve never attempted before, I like to do my research first and check out different recipes. is one of my favorite sites and after lurking from page to page comparing and contrasting a few selected recipes, I decided on a great one. I tweaked a few ingredients, methods, and measurements to my taste and now have a delicious recipe for heart-shaped cookies you can try, for your family or Valentine! ❤

What You’ll Need



Above is the recipe with my special touch. I’ve tried this recipe 3 times now and it really is tasty! If you’d like to see the original recipe I found on though, follow the link here: YUM!

Great, now do you have all of your ingredients for these delicious white chocolate macadamia nut cookies? Here they are  again pictured below, in case you need to do a mental check list.


Besides the ingredients you’ll also need a few tools.

  1. Large Mixing BowlDSCF5452
  2. Measuring CupDSCF5453
  3. Whisk
  4. Heart Shaped Cookie Cutter – the size of the cutter is up to you, mine’s about 2 x 2.5 inches.
  5. Measuring Spoons
  6. A cutting board or some surface you can shape the cookie dough on.DSCF5529
  7. Non-Stick Cookie or Regular Cookie Pan with Slip Mat (pictured below)

OK, so I want to take a quick moment and talk a bit about the Slip Mat here. I was just recently introduced to this little tool and it has made such a big difference in the way I cook. I’ve never used Non-Stick Pans, so before I would have to vigorously butter the pan or spray it down with PAM in between batches. With the Slip Mat there’s no need to butter pans or get a non-stick one any more. Just lay this bad boy down on your pan and you’re ready to go. The brand I use is Sil-Eco and it’s incredibly easy to wash as well, just wipe clean. I believe this is an essential tool for any baker. If you don’t have a Slip Mat or a Non-Stick Pan, no worries. Just butter those pans!

Now that we have ALL of our tools and ingredients, let’s make these heart-shaped white chocolate macadamia nut cookies!

Step 1: 

Pre-heat your oven to 350 degrees.


Step 2:

Melt the Butter (3/4 of a stick) in your microwave or over the stove top, then pour the melted Butter into the large mixing bowl. I put my butter in the measuring cup then nuked it in the microwave for a minute.


Step 3:

Once you have your melted Butter in the bowl, now it’s time to add your White Sugar and Light Brown Sugar. First, throw the 1/2 cup of White Sugar into the bowl.


Now throw in the 3/4 cup of Light Brown Sugar.


Mix all three of these together with your whisk.


Step 4:

Our next step will be to add the 2 Eggs.


Beat each egg, one at a time, into the mix until you have a nice creamy texture. Something like this:


Step 5:

It’s time for the Vanilla Extract! Measure out 1 teaspoon of Vanilla Extract.


Add the Vanilla Extract to the mixing bowl.


Step 6:

We’re ready to add the rest of the ingredients! Measure out 2 1/2 cups of Flour and add to the mixing bowl. Then follow that with 1 teaspoon of Baking Soda, and 1/2 teaspoon of salt. Whisk a bit.


Step 7:

Here comes the fun part! Now with your hands, mix all the ingredients until you get a nice thick cookie dough.


I rolled mine into a ball but, it should look something like this when it’s fully mixed:


Step 8:

Let’s add the White Chocolate Chips! Measure out 1 cup of White Chocolate Chips. I used Ghirardelli chips.


Add the 1 cup of White Chocolate Chips to the cookie dough.


Step 9:

Measure out 1 cup of Chopped Macadamia Nuts. They’re a bit pricey but well worth it. The macadamia nuts I found were already chopped and package by the 1/2 cup, so I got two of these packages.


Add the 1 cup of Chopped Macadamia Nuts to the cookie dough.


Step 10:

Now it’s time to mix again. With your hands, mix the Chips and Nuts into the cookie dough. This is how my finished dough looked!


Step 11:

Yay! We now have our cookie dough and we’re ready to shape it! Grab your Cutting Board, or whatever surface you choose to work on. Take a good amount of the cookie dough, if not all, and shape it into a nice block. Depending on how thick you want your cookies to be, smash the cookie dough to a height you’re happy with. I made my block about a centimeter high.


Step 12:

Now it’s time to cookie cut! Grab you heart-shaped cookie cutter and beginning at a corner, stamp your cutter into the dough, staying as close to each cut as you can.


Continue to do this until you have cookie cut the entire surface of your block of dough.


Step 13:

Remove the excess dough from around your cookie cuts.


Continue to do this, putting the extra dough to the side or back into the bowl with the rest of the dough, until you have your individual heart- shaped cookies. Beautiful!


Repeat Steps 11 – 13 until you have used all of your cookie dough. I was able to make 18 cookies with my 2 x 2.5 cookie cutter from this dough.

Step 14:

Time for the oven! We have finally completed making and shaping our cookie dough, now let’s cook ’em up! Arrange your cookies about two inches apart from each other on your Non-Stick Cookie Pan or Regular Cookie Pan with Slip Mat. Pop your Pan and cookies into the 350 degree oven for about 10 – 12 min. Depending on how thick you made the cookies you may need them to cook a min or two longer. You want them to be golden brown, so make sure you watch them during the 10 – 12 min. Repeat this step until all cookies are baked!


Viola! We’re done! You now have some delicious homemade heart-shaped White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies for you and your Valentine. ❤


Share them with anyone and everyone! You now can give your heart away to whom ever you please and more than once, since you have a whole batch of them! For a cute gift idea, wrap your cookies in cellophane and tie a bow of string or ribbon around it. This is a wonderful treat your loved ones will surely appreciate. Who doesn’t love sweets made with love and care? This year, don’t shower your Valentine with sweet nothings, give them sweet somethings. 😉


I really hope you all get to try this recipe and if not, I hope you still enjoyed my Step by Step how to on this fantastic treat. These really are my favorite cookies and they’re so much fun to make but, after this week I’m going to need a break from all the sweets, hahaa! I’ll be coming back next post with some sewing projects I still have in the works. I’d like this blog to be more sewing/ quilting oriented but, as the title description says, “all things crafty” and I just couldn’t resist posting about this recipe! With that said, whatever your plans are this February 14th, remember to continue spreading the love all year long Machine Lovers. You’re never alone here @ Machine Love. I’ll speak to you soon. ❤

:: Athena ::