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Crafty Tip Tuesday: Save Glass Bottles For Guests To Paint


Hello there and happy Crafty Tip Tuesday! This will be a recurring themed post that I hope to bring you every so often. I’ll share tips on topics ranging from arts, utilitarian design, sewing, cooking, to basically anything I think would be beneficial to you in your life; as it has been in mine. Let’s jump right in!

Here at the warpzone, we aren’t shy about enjoying a glass of wine or two, including some shots of whiskey or bourbon. 😉 I usually collect the bottles and recycle them. Well, one week we had an unusual amount of bottles from a get together and instead of recycling them right away, we decided to get creative with them.

CRAFTY TIP #1: Save glass bottles to offer your guests one to paint! 


This has been a hit with all my friends; even the ones that don’t paint one still love the idea. We always keep acrylic paint handy at home but, if you don’t, consider investing in some cheap paint in bulk. It’s well worth it, especially if your guests let you keep the bottles! Everyone that has painted a bottle at my place has been so sweet about leaving it behind; they like the idea that it will stay in a collection of painted bottles. And I definitely but them all on display. Of course if anyone ever wants to take their bottle home, they are more than welcome too!


I’m basically getting FREE ART for my home and I’m always pleasantly surprised at the new designs offered by each person. I suggest painting the bottles a solid base color first and leave them handy like that. That way, your guests don’t have to wait for the initial base coat of paint to dry; they’ll already have a nice blank canvas to begin with. 🙂


This is a fun, engaging activity to do with old and new friends alike. I look forward to sharing more Crafty Tip Tuesdays with you! Let me know of any crafty tips you might have. If you allow me to, I may feature it on here as well; giving you full credit of course. 🙂  Until next time MachineLovers. ❤